AnCode Presents

Visitor Management System Lite

Visitor Management System streamlines your sign-in process by presenting visitors with multiple options to sign in electronically.

This enables multiple visitors to sign in at once without the need for a pen and paper. The Visitor Management System runs on any device with and internet browser. It eases your administrative requirements as the record-keeping is electronic.

Key Advantages
Visitors sign in electronically before entering your premises.
Multiple methods of signing in electronically to accommodate all visitors.
Sign in electronically from multiple devices. No need to have visitors queuing or huddling together.
Accurately keep track of the number of visitors currently on your premises and comply with visitors quota.
Visitor details are stored electronically and can be easily accessed later should the need arise through an easy to use web interface.
Choose whether display screens show the number of visitors currently on the premises, thereby putting your visitors mind at ease when it comes to the number of visitors on your premises.

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